““What did Lea Nikel see””

“I need to surprise myself”, Lea Nikel said about her work. At the end of the week the painter, who was characterized by her remarkable courage in a world dominated by men and by her total devotion to painting, passed away

““Lea Nikel Works 1976-2004”

An article from 2007 Esty Reshef Curator, Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center, Israel At the end of the 1950’s of the 20th century, during her prolonged stay in Paris, Lea Nikel adopted the abstract as the genre suitable for her

“Lea Nikel Collages, Works on Paper” an exhibition in 2008

A torn and scribbled piece of paper is placed on top a blue and black background, that looks as if it was specially prepared for the torn paper; a cluster of colorful patches is placed on top of a dotted multicolored painting, and above it an additional piece of paper is glued; a triangle cut from a worn-out dress, is glued on top of blue scribbled background; an imaginary field of flowers is spread out on a paper

The First Lady of Painting

When the Tel Aviv Museum did a retrospective on Lea Nikel in 1995, she was already a cultural icon. Students wrote seminar papers on her contribution to Israeli art and the growth of local abstract art; her drawings were popular, hung in countless Israeli homes, and adorned calendars.
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